Gall Bladder Meridian

Fengshi GB31 : Nomenclature, Location, Function, Indication, Method

Fengshi lies on the midline of the lateral aspect of the thigh, 7 cun above the transverse politeal crease.


Feng: Pathogenic wind Shi: Market
“Market” means gathering and dispersing. Fengshi is an important point for removing the pathogenic wind.

Point: GB31
Chinese Name: 风市
Name: Fengshi
English Name/Meaning: Wind Market
Pinyin: fēng shì
Han Geul 한글: pung si 풍시
Romaji: fū shi
Vietnamese: Phong thị


Fengshi is located on the midline of the lateral aspect of the thigh, 7 cun above the transverse politeal crease.

Simple measurement: When the patient stands erect with the hands close to the sides, the point is where the tip of the middle finger touches.

Functions of Fengshi:

  • Expels wind (wind damp: invades channel, internal wind: stroke; wind heat invading blood).
  • Strengthen winew and bones (legs , good for atrophy of legs).
  • Regulates Qi and blood in channels (in channel and legs).


  • Good for atrophy or paralysis in the lower limbs, beriberi.
  • Also benefits itching of the entire body, used with Quchi point.
  • Good for herpes zoster.


Perpendicular or slightly oblique insertion posteriorly 1 to 2 cun.
Oblique insertion, directed proximally or distally, 1.5 to 2.5 cun.


Dr. Ishwar Gyawali is Consultant Acupuncturist and Ayurveda Physician from Kathmandu, Nepal. He had completed BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery), a five and half year course on Ayurveda Medicine from Kirtipur Campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University ,Institute Of Medicine, Nepal under scholarship in 2011. He had completed his MD in TCM from Nanjing University Of Chinese Medicine in 2016 under scholarship of Ministry of Education, Nepal. With an experience of Serving for Government of Nepal for 2 years and private practise for more than 5 years, he has sound knowledge in Ayurveda as well as Chinese Medicine. He is a registered Doctor in NAMC (Nepal Ayurveda Medical Council ) both as a physician as well as TCM/Acupuncture Specialist.