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Zhengying GB17: Nomenclature, Location, Functions, Indications

Zhengying GB17 lies on the head, 2.5 cun above the anterior hairline and 2.25 cun lateral to the midline of the head, good for treating mental disorders...


Zhenying: Fright and fear
Zhenying is indicated in treating mental disorders.
Point: GB17
Chinese Name: 正營
Name: Zhengying
English Name/Meaning: Upright Nutrition
Pinyin: zhèng yíng
Han Geul 한글: jyeong yeong 정영
Romaji: shō ei
Vietnamese: Chính dinh


On the head, 2.5 cun above the anterior hairline and 2.25 cun lateral to the midline of the head.
2.5 cun behind the hairline, in line with the pupil.

Functions of Zhengying:

  • Subdues liver yang.
  • Resolves phlegm in the head.
  • Opens the orifices of the mind.
  • Pacifies the stomach.


  • Disorders of head: headache, migraine, vertigo, dizziness.
  • Disorders of sense organs: nose, eye, ear.
  • Upper extremities problems: pain, numbness, tingling, movement limited, paralysis.


Transverse insertion 0.5 to 1.5 cun.


Meeting point of gallbladder and yangwei vessel.


Dr. Ishwar Gyawali is Consultant Acupuncturist and Ayurveda Physician from Kathmandu, Nepal. He had completed BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery), a five and half year course on Ayurveda Medicine from Kirtipur Campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University ,Institute Of Medicine, Nepal under scholarship in 2011. He had completed his MD in TCM from Nanjing University Of Chinese Medicine in 2016 under scholarship of Ministry of Education, Nepal. With an experience of Serving for Government of Nepal for 2 years and private practise for more than 5 years, he has sound knowledge in Ayurveda as well as Chinese Medicine. He is a registered Doctor in NAMC (Nepal Ayurveda Medical Council ) both as a physician as well as TCM/Acupuncture Specialist.

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