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Zhiyang- GV9 : Nomenclature, Location, Functions, Method



Zhi: reaching              Yang: Yang of yin-yang
Zhiyang is on a level with the diaphragm. The Qi of the meridian passes on Zhiyang and ascends i.e. it reaches to ” Yang within Yang” above the diaphragm from “yin within Yang ” below the diaphragm.

English name/ meaning: Reaching Yang
Chinese name: 至阳
Chinese pinyin : Zhiyang
Korean name: Chiyang
Japanese name: Shiyo
Vietnamese name: Chidurong
French: Tche-iang


On the posterior midline, in the depression below the spinous process of the 7th thoracic vertebra.


  • Expands chest and diaphragm (cough, asthma, chest congestion).
  • Transforms damp heat (Damp heat in Liver and Gall Bladder).
  • Regulates Qi.


  • Zhiyang is a major point for jaundice, distension and fullness in chest and hypochondriac region.
  • Also good for cough, asthma.
  • Local disorders: Stiffness of the spine, pain in the back, lumbago.

Puncture obliquely upward 0.5 – 1 cun.


Deep insertion should be avoided. The spinal canal lies between 1.25 and 1.75 cun deep to the skin surface, varying according to body build.


Dr. Ishwar Gyawali is Consultant Acupuncturist and Ayurveda Physician from Kathmandu, Nepal. He had completed BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery), a five and half year course on Ayurveda Medicine from Kirtipur Campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University ,Institute Of Medicine, Nepal under scholarship in 2011. He had completed his MD in TCM from Nanjing University Of Chinese Medicine in 2016 under scholarship of Ministry of Education, Nepal. With an experience of Serving for Government of Nepal for 2 years and private practise for more than 5 years, he has sound knowledge in Ayurveda as well as Chinese Medicine. He is a registered Doctor in NAMC (Nepal Ayurveda Medical Council ) both as a physician as well as TCM/Acupuncture Specialist.